Prestige Omega Deluxe Cookware

Omega Deluxe is a complicated cookware for nutritious cooking. It really is induction appropriate by using a higher general performance, Risk-free non-stick coating with a wide array of cookware that fulfills all culinary requirements easily. It comprises of a concave tawa, flat dosa tawa, fry pan, deep kadai which has a glass lid, milk pan with glass lid to entice you into experiencing a joyful cooking journey.

It can be PFOA totally free, So no damaging substances emanating in the course of the cooking process, which makes it a wholesome alternative of cookware. Its tough non-adhere coating encourages wholesome cooking with the very least quantity of Extra fat content material getting used. Becoming metallic spoon friendly it offers the comfort of cooking with the option of steel spoons confidently. Cook proficiently using induction cooktop, conserving loads of Vitality and time metal spoon friendly with the benefit of cooking menu choices Along with the timer metal spoon friendly facility.

Omega Deluxe variety with the benefit of using on equally fuel and induction cooktop, it saves many storage space with its sleeve packing attribute in which you can dangle your pots and pans fantastically on hooks on the wall. This keeps it in superior situation for a very long time to come for greatest success.

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